Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A few of my favorites...

~ Class for LM:  Baby Moves NYC - Messy Art Class.  This is the most wonderful 45 minutes of singing, crafts and playtime for toddlers.  The space is clean, bright and very comfortable.  The people who come to these classes are laid back and easy to talk to.  And Dawn the teacher and owner is the just fabulous.  Very attentive to the children and adults - we just love coming week after week and look forward to our 2's program starting next year!
For more information on Baby Moves check out their latest page on Facebook...where the LM is featured!  And here is the LM making a bumble bee in class today...
~  The Standard Hotel's Biergarten:  What a fantastic place to break away for a drink after work or a long day or...even to bring the lil one!  I was surrounded by babies at this place, one cuter then the next.  It was a loud and fun scene so the babies were only there to be viewed and could not be heard which was great.  You purchase tickets upon entry to use for beers, bratwursts and pretzels.  This is where I went to break Passover...where I had a large doughy pretzel and a beer while celebrating my friend's birthday.  Great spot for singles, groups (you need to go early) and dates.
~ SJP:  Sarah Jessica Parker.  I walked by her today on the way to Messy Art class with LM.  We purposely walk down Charles Street every Wednesday in hopes of seeing SJP.  Well today was our lucky day.  She was leaving her Charles Street brownstone and had to actually wait for LM and I to walk by in order to get out onto the sidewalk.  Unreal I tell ya.  Unreal.  Unfortunately she wasn't in any kind of exciting outfit...but it was still pretty cool seeing her.
~ Crewcuts:  I used to do the production for the Crewcuts boys line at J.Crew managing all wovens.  I would always melt over the samples that I used to recieve and talk about how I wished I had a boy to dress these in one day...well that dream came true and now the LM is starting to fit into their size 2's.  Bingo!  I ordered the most adorable graphic tees, hoodies, shirts, shorts and bowties for the Guncle's wedding that we have coming up in Mexico in just a few weeks!